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Trick or Treat... Smell My Feet...

Give me something good to eat!! I think that's how the rhyme goes. The folks around my neighbourhood take their kids trick or treating on the Sunday afternoon before Halloween. This year, I won't be handing out candy at my house because I'm off to spend the afternoon at a friend's place. However, I hate to disappoint my neighbour kids. Hence, I will be doing a reverse trick-or-treating routine. Yep. Before heading out for the afternoon, I will stop by my neighbours' and deliver some candy their kids. Since it doesn't make sense to walk up to someone's house and hand out a couple of candy bars, I decided that I needed to assemble a couple of treat sacks!!!

What's up with the stray candy bars? Well, they disappeared shortly after this picture was taken, so all is well. Happy Halloween!

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  1. wip said...
    I wish I lived near you!!!! That Frankenstein head is the cutest thing EVER! You're a good neighbor and smart too.... now those kids will never egg or TP your house.

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