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Autumn's Personal Fabric Swap

CC has finally received the goodies for October's edition of our personal fabric swap!!! Along with our usual exchange of fabrics, I also sent her a knitted skinny scarf (which travelled to Washington, DC with me!) in Autumn colours, a fabric covered journal, and the requisite bag of Halloween candy.

I had fun selecting the fabrics for this month's swap. To me, Autumn is best represented by the changing colours of the leaves. Hence, I selected fabrics that had red, orange and yellow hues.

Here's a close-up of the journal. It's my first time sewing a cover of any kind for a book/journal/what have you! Being the usual freak that I am, I spent a week or so trying to visualize what the finished result should look like before getting down with it.

Interior shot:

Last but not least, a gratuitous shot of the yummy Choxie Chocolate PB squares :)


  1. wip said...
    I just washed, dried and folded my new lovlies before introducing them to the other fabrics. Thanks for all the goodies1
    loves2experiment said...
    Glad to hear that you like your swap goodies :)
    Princess of Everything (and then some) said...
    I see someone has been to Target!
    loves2experiment said...
    Target is awesome! Everytime I visit, I come home with tons of goodies!!

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