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A Personal Swap Gone Mad!

I knew this was a wicked idea from the start! RY asked if I would knit her a couple of pantas in exchange for some earrings. Of course, I couldn't say no. Let's just say that things kinda snowballed and the results are astounding! Note: Pictures of RY's swap goodies were taken by RY, since I didn't get around to taking any pictures before meeting up with her in Washington, DC!

Here are the pantas I knitted using KnitPicks' 100% Merino wool. I fell in love with the colour (incidentally, it's called 'Asparagus', which is one of my favourite vegetables!) and I hope that RY likes it too!

Other miscellaneous items I included for RY's daughter plus the requisite candy for RY!

The whole enchilada! Hey! Do you spot a little teddy bear standing by the candy?

Hi there, little bear!

In return, RY sent my girls Saffy and Kaia the best dresses ever! She's a formidable seamstress! The girls will be psyched with their new frocks!

Along with two pairs of earrings, RY also made me a gorgeous butterfly necklace. All in shades of purple. I don't usually wear necklaces, but I really love this one!

Last but not least, she included a bunch of cool fabrics and candy! Well, not just any candy, but SMARTIES!

As you can see, it all started with pantas for earrings. RY sure knows how to spoil her swap partners!


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