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Fall Personal Fabric Swap Goodies

My partner in crime, CC, selected this month's theme. As a tribute to the change of seasons, she suggested that we do a Fall-themed swap. What a brilliant idea! Here's what she sent my way:

Along with the beautiful fall-themed fabrics (there's a really lush piece of brown velvet included in the mix!), she also sent bits and bobs of ribbon and scrapbooking stickers. Did I mention the lovely embroidered dish towel?!? Here's a close-up of the cute acorn she sketched and embroidered:

What's this? There's more??? Yep. She also included a Halloween surprise for my girls, Kaia and Saffy! Bits of fabric with small scale prints on them! CC sure knows how to spoil us girls!


  1. wip said...
    It's so much fun swapping with you!
    loves2experiment said...
    Ditto, CC!

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