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Spindles, anyone? (12/50)

Kendall is great for spinning larger quantities of yarn, but I prefer using hand spindles for spinning yarn from art batts, luxury fiber blends, and for take-along projects when I travel. After learning how to use a top whorl spindle at the fiber festival, I've been a wee bit obsessed with hand spindles.

I picked up the babe spindle for its versatility (the double whorls may be positioned to make it a top, mid or bottom whorl spindle) and in a crunch, I could take it apart when I travel!

The other type of spindle I've been wanting to try out is the Turkish spindle. I found a basic one on Etsy and I'm pretty pleased with its construction and functionality. The advantage of the Turkish spindle is its portability (nifty three piece construction) and the added bonus of having a center pull ball of roving at the end of spinning. I really like this design and will have to pick up a better one soon!

While reading up on various types of spindles, I came across several cool homemade spindles and decided I should have a go at it. Yep. Made two top whorl and the other, a bottom whorl.

The top whorl spindle has a carved stone whorl which gives it a nice weight. The initial test shows that it's relatively well-balanced and spins pretty easily/continuously. Can't wait to spin some yarn with it!

And I adore the details on this wooden bottom whorl spindle! I found the round wooden disk at a local shop and all I had to to was drill a hole in the middle of it to accomodate the shaft.

I'll be on the lookout for more materials that may be adapted to serve as whorls for hand spindles!

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  1. Fidget said...
    I've heard CDs work well for spindles. Can't vouch for them personally but it would make sense. Love the carved medallion. That looks so classy!

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