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At the fiber market...

I was relatively well-behaved. After last year's fiasco of fiber-gone-wild, I was determined to only buy fiber that I cannot live without.

They had a mini session on learning how to use a top whorl spindle and I jumped right into the thick of things. Yes, I've spun on countless bottom whorl spindles, but I figured I might as well learn while given the chance to do so.

Camel Down Batts, 2 oz (Luxury Natural Fibers)

Medium Gray Alpaca Roving, 8 oz (Black Locust Farm)

Natural Gray Freya Shetland Romney Roving, 8 oz (Black Locust Farm)

Dyed BFL Wensleydale Locks, 2 oz (Somerhill Farm)

Silky Grace Baby Llama Roving, 8 oz (Berbig's Woods Llamas)

A Quartet of 4 oz bumps of CVM Roving (Valhalla Acres Fiber Farm)

Dyed Alpaca Roving, 4 oz (Winding Creek Alpacas and Llamas)

Cormo Lamb Roving, 4 oz

Unwashed Cria Fleece, 3.2 oz

And yarn! Scrumptious wool/silk yarn in a lovely colourway called "Carribean"! Whatever shall I make with it?

Wool/Silk Yarn, 800 yards

And somewhere along the way, I also snagged three huge bags of alpaca fiber waiting to be washed and dyed...oh, and an 8 oz bag of unwashed silky llama locks which can be spun as is. I think I'm in trouble...


  1. Fidget said...
    You're so cute when you try to hold it down to a low roar. ;) Beautiful fibers. Never really thought of camels having down. (How do you get down off an elephant? You don't - you get down off a duck!)
    loves2experiment said...
    My favourite of the lot is the baby llama's silkier than the camel down!!

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