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More oven dyeing...

I've been meaning to experiment with non-food grade acid dyes. While I've certainly been happy to colour my fiber with Kool-Aid and Wilton dyes, my jars of Jacquard dyes have been gathering dust. An impulse purchase of professional acid dyes from Dharma, Cushing and Country Classics was the motivation I needed to move my dyeing operations from the kitchen sink to the laundry room. Using the non-food grade acid dyes, I was able to produce much more vibrant hues and depth with the dyed fiber. I like the results, and already have plans for another day of dyeing!

Hocus Pocus - 1 oz silk with noils

All That Is Good - 1 oz silk with noils

Peter Pan - 2.1 oz domestic wool

Singing The Blues - 1.85 oz BFL

Viva La Verde - 4 oz merino

Spice Things Up - 4 oz merino

Sweeping The Clouds Away - 2.8 oz mill ends


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