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Chunky Inchie Tea Houses

For this batch of chunky houses, I decided on a tea theme but also wanted to incorporate a bunch of inchies in the design, so

Chunky House + Tea Theme + Inchies = Chunky Inchie Tea Houses!

Looky! The chimney bit is detachable! Whatever might ask. And what's with the silly bit of string?

Yep. The back of each house has a faux teabag attached to it!

Close-up of tea tag. It's a stamp I recently acquired, and I can see myself using it quite a bit for future projects!!

And under one of those 4 inchies on the front of the houses (yes, it's the one with a photo anchor), there's a tea-related quote :)

Fiber Swap!!

Life (for a fiber fiend) doesn't get much better than swapping for fiber!!! I took on two partners for a fiber swap and got to play with my drum carder and hackle! For VS, along with the fiber bits, I sent a bit of sewing as well...

Sea Nymph II (merino roving)

Masquerade (alpaca/wool batt)
Orleans (wool/silk batt)

Sea Glass (100% merino worsted weight yarn)

Drawstring Project Bags

And for MM, all I sent was fiber, and more fiber!

Flame I & Flame II (wool/angelina batts)

English Garden (alpaca/wool batt)

Purple Mist (dyed BFL pieces)

Crazy Roving (wool/firestar/mohair)

Raspberry (wool/nylon fingering weight yarn)

July's Installment of L2E's Baby Batts Club!
Summer Days I (wool batt)
Summer Days II (wool/alpaca batt)

Now that I'm done with the fiber for my partners, it's time to card more batts and make more rovings for me!!

Yarn Dyeing Experiments Part II

Calm (Fingering weight wool/nylon blend)

Bliss (Fingering weight wool/nylon blend)

Shock (Worsted weight 100% merino)

Yarn Dyeing Experiments Part I

I've been so busy dyeing fibers, that I've not dyed yarn in ages! Well, this batch is for my STS swap! Another batch is drying in my laundry room (which is beginning to resemble a dyeing room...)...waiting to be wound into skeins and photographed!

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