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A Very Eventful Weekend...

Goodgrief. What a weekend! I signed up for Craftster's "Shop the Swap" swap and had to come up with five items for my little Craftster shop. Oy vey. After watching numerous DVDs (to keep me awake as I craft) and drinking mucho cups of espresso, I'm done!! Here's a quick recap:

1. Blueprint Notecards and Envelopes

Back in July 2006, I made my first batch of blueprint envelopes and packaged them into a letter set for my friend, CD. After playing around with scraps of paper all weekend, I've tweaked the original design and they're now little notecards!

2. Everyday Wristlet

Nothing glamourous, nothing fancy. Just a simple wristlet that is tough enough for everyday use. I love this fabric! As usual, I winged it. Not a pattern in sight (Translation: I won't be able to recreate it). The multi-coloured dots are anchored by the brown background. It would complement any outfit!

3. Patchwork Zipper Pouch

After trying several possible configurations on paper, I fell in love with this one! It's my first pieced patchwork in ages. The colours look kinda bright, but I love it. I think I'm just about ready to start working on my lap quilt!!

4. Lined Drawstring Bag

Yes, I'm kinda fussy when it comes to totes, purses, bags, pouches, and what have you. If I make them, I like to line them. It's much neater, and it'll eliminate the annoying bits of thread and fluff. Rant over. I used my well-loved Pucca drawstring bag (which was not lined...oh, the horror!) as a reference for creating my lined drawstring bag. Thankfully, I documented the measurements, etc. for this bag, so I'll be making a couple more...soon.

5. Voodoo Doll Pincushion

I wimped out. For the final item in my Craftster shop, I dug through my stash of goodies to find something. Back in December 2006, I made this little guy for one of my swap partners...but decided not to send it because I was worried that she would be offended by it. This was one of those OOAK items, but I think it wouldn't be too difficult to make another one!

I think I'm ready for that nap now!!!


  1. Carol said...
    Cool stuff P. That patchwork zip is cute!!! Good thing you can go back to work and rest up a bit :)
    Princess of Everything (and then some) said...
    Reformed Voodoo doll...I LOVE it!!

    These were all awesome!
    loves2experiment said...
    Thanks guys :)

    C, I'm glad to be at work on Monday morning! There's a bunch of non-crafty projects to tackle at work!

    PoE, do you need a voodoo doll? ;)
    Princess of Everything (and then some) said...
    *snickers* I fear that I would use it for evil.
    loves2experiment said...
    *gasp* Point taken... *hides the rest of voodoo dolls from PoE*

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