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Unplying yarns...

This was one of those "Duh!" moments for me. While sorting through my yarn stash (yet again!), I found a skein of yarn that I sorta love. The rich jewel tones of the yarn is what draws me to it...but I can't abide the fun fur yarn that it was plied with! The yarn has been in my stash for a few years (circa mid 2000s when fun fur yarn and their derivatives were trendy).

With the help of my favourite top whorl spindle, I am unplying the yarn so that I can do something (finally!) with the gorgeous lofty yarn!

Here it is, all "unplied" and sitting pretty on the spindle.

And in it's final form - one happy shiny jewel hued ball of yarn ready to be knitted.

Now I'm off to find more "not-so-loved- yarns in my stash with the hopes of making them them more useable/lovable!


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