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A hodge podge of dyed fibers

Some handpainted, others dip dyed.

When I first embarked on my dyeing adventures (control freak and scientist that I am), I took detailed notes on all the dye combinations I used to create the dyed fibers...anticipating that I might want to re-create a particular colour combination.

Fast forward four years later and I've long given up on recording as I dye, much preferring to dye with abandon using whatever colours I mixed on a whim. So far, I'm happy with this process of creating one-of-a-kind-never-to-be-repeated-at-a-later-date dyed fibers.

Colourful Thing #1 - Dorset, 2.40 oz

Colourful Thing #2 - Wool/Silk Blend, 1.90 oz

Colourful Thing #3 - Wool/Silk Blend, 2.45 oz

And some dip dyed mystery wool rovings (received from a swap ages ago!) that were rather blah before dyeing...

True Blood - 1.60 oz
Teal Streams - 1.60 oz
California Cabernet - 1.45 oz


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