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Solar Dyeing Experiments Part I

Heatwave. Ick. When temps are in the upper 90s and low triple digits, I'm usually not in the mood to do much other than veg indoors. Having said that, I've been eyeing my stash of undyed fibers and dying to do some dyeing. Oven, stove-top, slow cooker and microwave dyeing are all techniques I've tried in the past. Given the abundance of hot summer days, I decided to give solar dyeing (28 of 50) a whirl!

The night before, I prepped everything I needed for the next morning.

Early morning (i.e. before heading off to the office), I mixed the dyes and set everything out on my front porch.

Later in the day, I collected my fiber casseroles (fibers were done cooking, but dinner was nowhere to be found...)!

And voila! The dye bath was clear!!!


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