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Solar Dyed Fibers

This has been an awesome week of dyeing experiments. I am well on my way to building a stash of fibers to knit and spin with when work gets less busy in the winter months!

Peach Peonies (Peruvian wool, 1.80 oz)

Terra Cotta (Peruvian wool, 1.80 oz)

Potion #13 (Peruvian wool, 1.85 oz)

Love Spell (Peruvian wool, 1.80 oz)

Oregon Seaglass (mill ends, 3.35 oz)

Berries n Cream (mill ends, 3.45 oz)

Campfire Glow (mill ends, 3.55 oz)

Copper Verdigris (mill ends, 1.80 oz)

Natural Amethyst (mill ends, 1.80 oz)

Very Berry (mill ends, 3.55 oz)

Trio of 100% woolen yarns in forest hues


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