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Notecards Swap

In keeping with resolution #4, I joined a notecards swap because I figured I needed the extra nudge to get started on making a bunch of handmade cards (5 of 50) to send out. After cranking out about 25 of these (18 of which have been sent out partners in my swap group), I am excited to make more notecards!

Sample set of what I sent to my partners:

Close-ups of a few of my favourite cards:


  1. Fidget said...
    What interesting buttons on your notecards. They resemble the backs (sans shank) of buttons that you cover with fabric. Are they special made for scapbooking? Or did you paint the designs?
    loves2experiment said...
    Actually, they're paper buttons made with a punch/embosser tool :) I'll try to remember to bring it with me when we meet up for our crafty weekend!

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