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Annual craft haul from the Northwest...

Once a year, when I head west to visit my folks, I splurge on craft supplies (typical, when one is away from home, no?). This year, in addition to my usual haunts, I also checked out SCRAP, a store which sells all kinds of junk suited for crafts.

In addition to interesting bits of scrap materials, I also found some fabric at this place. Amazing!

And some squishy goodes from Yarn Garden. I was mostly interested in sock yarns (since I have high hopes of knitting socks in 2011), but a skein of baby alpaca somehow made it into my basket (sis selected it for a specific project which I need to get started on)!

And fabric from Craft Warehouse and Fabric Depot. Lots of yummy fabrics were fondled at these places...but I only brought home, ahem, a few that I absolutely had to have.

And of course, some books for inspiration from Kinokuniya and JoAnn's. I've been searching for that house patchwork book for ages, and I was really pleased to find a copy of it! And since learning to draw is one of my goals for 2011, voila, I found a book to help me out with that goal. The sewing calendar, I'm not too keen on *sigh* The projects in it (yes, I already looked at all the projects) aren't all that exciting. Bummer.

And these two sets of clear stamps that I picked up while waiting to pay for my purchases...

Yep, it's safe to say that I should be good to craft in 2011!

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