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Swap goodies for a Secret Santa swap

I adore the STS swaps! What's even better than the STS swaps? Well, a Secret Santa swap with the STSers...of course. This year, I was given the task of doing some non-creepy stalking to find out what I should make for my partner, AS. Here are the crafty bits I came up with:

1. Mine for Life Shrug made with this pattern (27/50)

2. Carryall Bag (28/50)

3. Sewing-themed Noisy Bangle (29/50)

4. Knitting Pendant with Chain (30/50)

5. Dyed Yarns - "You're Making Me Blush!" and "The New Frontier" (31/50)

6. Log Cabin Style Pincushion - based off ones made by AM (32/50)

7. Wee Critter That Crochets (33/50)

8. Fabric Hoop Art (34/50)


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