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Beaded Things...

Are not my forte. In fact, I get super cranky and foul-mouthed when working with beads. Having said that, I was inspired to give beading another shot because my mama was working on beaded goodies for a craft fair.

I saw some pretty ornaments made by KL in the STS swap and I wanted to figure out how they are made. Since I'm not a beader, I'm not sure if I did them right...but they look pretty darn like the ones that KL made! After making a few of these, I quit because, erm, they're tedious...and really, the fun bit was trying to figure out how they were constructed. I guess it's a good thing that I wasn't intending to decorate a Christmas tree with these ornaments (25/50)!

The other beaded project I worked on was a crystal bracelet (26/50). Okay, it's more of a joint project between my mama and myself (i.e. I designed the combination and she did the stringing bit)!

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  1. krex said...
    I agree that beading can seem tedious....yet I can spend 20 hours poking wool to make an animal sculpture. I think the fun is in the challenge of figuring how to do something rather then actually making 100 of the same thing...(factory work) well as experimenting and being surprised by the results rather then knowing exactly what will happen . Lovely snow flakes by the way .

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