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The Pincushion Project: Part II

Squashed cubes...done two ways. The first one is based on a pincushion I saw on Craftster. It consists of 6 pieces of fabric (2 squares and 4 rectangles) stitched together. The first time I attempted one, I handstitched it. This time round, I used Ulla to work on it. It was tricky, but I like the result.

I figured there must be an easier way to achieve the squashed cube look without all that sewing. Hence, I made another attempt. The second pincushion consists of two squares of fabric (well, alright...the top square is actually pieced together from 4 smaller square pieces of fabric), and the four corners are stitched to form the squashed cube shape.

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  1. wip said...
    Oooooohhhh, I like your version! The fabric covered button (I love them!) really makes it. I think that Ulla is a great motivator for you :)

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