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In Return For Pantas and Chocolates...

TF sent me some fabulous beaded jewelry in a cute organza pouch, Milo and Tim Tams *faints* Here's the whole package of goodies:

I'm just about dying to get a taste of the Tim Tams! In additional to the original that I grew up on, she also included a package of Dangerous Liasons Black Forest Fantasy Tim Tams. Oy vey. Darn this detox diet!!! The blue dangly earrings are perfect! They match one of the new tops I just purchased last week! The earring and necklace set is lovely, and I can't wait to wear it to work!

I love personal swaps!!!


  1. Princess of Everything (and then some) said...
    I have heard that Tim Tams are wonderful!
    loves2experiment said...
    Oh, they're marvelous! I can hardly wait for the 22nd of November!

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