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More sock knitting (mis)adventures

Yep, I cast on for another sock knitting project. Finishing my first pair of socks got me all excited! And since my other knitting WIP isn't all that totable, I decided I needed to start on another pair of socks. I chose this toe up pattern because I wanted to try a different approach. See this? Proof that I'm making some progress.

Or maybe not. Right about 25% through the sock, I noticed there were some issues in the pattern. WTF. After frogging it, I decided to give it another try. Guess what? I ended up having to frog that attempt as well (insert colourful language) *sigh* After spending a weekend afternoon knitting/frogging, I abandoned the project and the yarn (yes, I was pissed off at the yarn as well).

The next evening, I started with another sock pattern and yarn:

Glad things are working out so far *fingers crossed*!


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