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Fiber Festival 2011...

Great day at the local fiber festival! There were fiber animals to see (I really, really, really want to own a herd of alpacas!) and an unbelievable amount of fiber eye candy to fondle. I noticed that there were quite a few new vendors to shop with but sadly, a couple of my favourite vendors from the previous festivals weren't there this year.

My first stop was at Circle Hill Farm booth where I found dyes and lush fibers. I've never worked with the WashFast brand of dyes but I'm excited to experiment with them because they have an incredible range of colours.

WashFast Acid Dyes (Brown, Cornflower, Grasshopper & Sangria)

New Zealand Possum Merino Blend (30/70). Yes. Possum! The ick factor did enter my mind, but this roving is soooooo soft!

100% Llama Roving. I didn't have any of this lovely colour in my stash, so I had to get this!

Right across the aisle, there was an amazing booth (Creatively Dyed) filled with colourful rovings and yarns. It was really hard to decide on what to bring home with me, but I ended up buying a 4 oz hank of 22 micron superwash merino in the colorway Sable.

My last and final shopping stop was Stitch Sisterz. This was where I blew my entire budget. I think I've bought more than enough yarn to get me started on my Fall and Christmas knitting projects. Oy vey.

100% Alpaca Yarns (Gray 50g/190m and Taupe 50g/100yd each)

100% Cashmere Laceweight Yarn in Carrot Colourway (100g/1000yd) I adore the vibrant colour and can't wait to find the perfect pattern for this yarn!

Alana Alpaca/Wool/Acrylic (50/25/25) yarns in Marengo(2) and Chocolate(16) colours (50g/150m each). I am so knitting a shrug for myself...soonish! Mmmm...chocolate!

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, a merino microfibre cashmere (55/33/12) blend that is sumptious to touch in Tulip(5) 340014 and Wine(2) 340028 colours (50g/125m each).

I like dyed yarns, but I can never resist stocking up some natural coloured yarns for dyeing experiments!!

Taiga Classic Siberia 100% Merino (100g/300m each) in white

And more merino wool yarns for various knitting projects to come!

Taiga Classic L'Attitude 100% Merino (50g/270m each) in black

Taiga Luxury Nostalgia 100% Merino (50g/200m) in hunter green and natural white

And in addition to the yarns, I also found two Ashland Bay 100% merino varigated rovings to play with!

4 oz Baltic Blue

4 oz Fiber Forest

I opted not to buy any of the raw fleeces because I'm still waaaay behind on cleaning the alpaca and llama fleeces I bought earlier this month!

Till next year! Now I need to get busy with knitting and fiber-processing!!


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