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Recent handspuns...

I've been too tired to be productive in the evenings when I get home from work. Much as I would like to sew, knit or play with my paper stash, I lack the concentration to work on crafts that require some sort of planning. Spinning is the exception. It's totally relaxing to watch a couple of movies and spin (which to me, is a mindless activity). My recent handpuns (14 of 50) are all from batts or rovings that I've had in my stash for awhile. Yay! Fiber destashing in the works!!

Water - Domestic Wool, 23 g, Worsted

Peacock Fluff - Alpaca Wool Blend, 24 g, DK

Melon Berry Sorbet - Mill Ends, 52 g, Sport

Veggie Tales - Alpaca Wool Blend, 27 g, Sport

Group photo!

And last but not least, a WIP using the Candy Batts (mill ends and firestar) I received two Christmases ago! I adore the vivid colours and I think I might have to ply this one to make it shine!


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