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Birdie Wallet

Made for GF, who very kindly agreed to paint a portrait of S & Q for my sis (which by the way turned out way cool)!!! I love making customised wallets. No patterns, no rules...just a bunch of questions to find out what sort of features needs to be incorporated into the design of the wallet.

Frontal view of wallet (I love this fabric!)

Back view of wallet (with zippered compartment for loose change)

First glimpse of interior fabric

Inside details of wallet (note: special pockets for passport and travel pass)

Close-up of credit card slots and pocket for bills


  1. Gator World!! said...
    Well look at you go Miss Fancy Pants. That looks awesome!
    Princess of Everything (and then some) said...
    That is awesome! I so wish that I could sew like you do!!

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