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I've finally come to terms with the horrifying fact that I will never (and I do mean never!) be able to use up my stash of fabric and yarn in this lifetime. That sorta freaks me out. But what's a gal to do when there are all kinds of luscious yarns and gorgeous textiles begging to come home with me whenever I'm out browsing the shops?!? I reckon I have two options to assuage my guilty conscience:

Option 1: Go cold turkey. Stop buying yarns and textiles.

Option 2: Quit daydreaming and start being more productive in the craftroom

Erm, yeah right. Seriously. I can think of gobs of reasons why Option 1 would be a bad idea. The first and foremost, being that my spending habits are good for the economy. Ahem. The rest of the reasons are moot in light of the first reason. Which brings us to Option 2. I suppose it's worth a shot. If anything, it will help keep my yarn and fabric stashes at an even keel (e.g. use one yard of fabric, buy one yard of fabric...use 2 skeins of yarn, buy 2 skeins of yarn).

That said, these are a couple of mini fabric destashing projects I worked on this week. Cool. I'm making progress!


  1. Princess of Everything (and then some) said...
    good for the economy *snorts*

    Oh sugar, you are what you are and we love you!

    1. You will keep buying

    2. You are very productive!!!

    I love your colors in that pincushion!

    And it that a baby blanket?
    loves2experiment said...
    Well, it was worth a shot :P

    BTW, those are flannel burpies :)
    Carol said...
    I am always willing to help you store any excess fabric at my still have my address, yes? :)
    I say that you keep buying and making.

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