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Project bags and kiwis...

Made a bunch of project bags (4/50) for holding a variety of smallish WIPs...some for swaps, some to give away, and a couple for myself. Keeping in line with my goal to do something with my rather significant fabric stash, I managed to use up about 3 yards of fabric for these! Awesome! Most of the lot managed to skip town before the camera was found...but here are a few that stayed put.

And in other news, my lovely swap partner, SC (whom I sent a trio of project bags to) made me a couple of kiwi stuffies! Love, love, love them. The brown one has a bit of dried lavender stuffed in his erm, tushie (which oddly smells divine) and the bright and colourful kiwi has a glow-in-the-dark stick of a beak! They make quite the handsome couple, no?


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